Dr. Kirt Kimball, Orthopedic Medical & Legal Expert

With over 40 years of practice in California and Utah, Dr. Kimball possesses extensive expertise in the treatment of knee, shoulder, and spine conditions, along with general orthopedic issues and trauma. Dr. Kimball is well-placed to provide comprehensive summaries and clarity on intricate orthopedic matters.

Navigating Legal & Medical Complexities

Demonstrating proficiency in objectively defining medical issues, addressing pre-existing conditions, considering medical co-morbidities, forecasting future medical care needs, and handling matters of apportionment and permanent disability, Dr. Kimball is well-versed in conducting Independent Medical Examinations. He is capable of delivering impartial and well-supported opinions, irrespective of whether the request comes from the plaintiff or defense.

Independent Medical Examinations

Dr. Kimball welcomes the challenge of scrutinizing intricate medical records and formulating objective, defensible opinions that precisely outline the pending issues, addressing key questions associated with them.

His medical/legal experience extends to providing opinions for both plaintiffs and defendants, including Medical Malpractice cases.

Expert Opinions for Medical Malpractice Cases

At the intersection of medicine and law, Dr. Kimball excels in making sense of complex orthopedic matters. Whether you’re facing work-related injuries or personal traumas, his expertise extends beyond the examination room, providing clarity amid the chaos of legal and medical questions.