Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Kirt Kimball, Orthopedic Surgeon

Serving Provo, Orem, and Utah County with over 47 years of experience, Kirt M. Kimball M.D. provides general orthopedic care with focus on knee, shoulder, and sports medicine. 


Provo, Orem & Utah County Orthopedist

Dr. Kimball has invested extensive time, training, and energy into bring Computer Assisted Orthopedic surgery to the Utah Valley.

He specializes in computer-assisted total knee and partial knee replacement.

Orthopedic Surgery Practice Specialties

General Orthopedic surgery with focus on knee, shoulder and sports medicine. Reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery, arthroscopy and joint replacements.

Nutrition and Recovery

Total Joint Replacement

Sports Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy

Child Care Topics

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“Absolutely. I would recommend Kirt with any surgery he would do. I have had multiple surgeries with him and he is the best.”
“Dr. Kirt Kimball is wonderful & very knowledgeable.. He has help my wife with several problems, including a few that are not related to his field of practice. I like his strait forward approach. He is friendly, accurate and tells it like it is. A great Doctor. We need more like him. I highly recommend him. Thanks for helping my wife and going the extra mile to see to her care.”

“He takes time to listen to your concerns and problems and gives a solution . I was really apprehensive about having knee replacement but everything went really well.”

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