Nutrition and Recovery

Forté Elements creates products that bring the best of the science of nutrition to specific medical conditions. It is well known that nutritional components can and do have an often dramatic impact on preventing disease, facilitating recovery and accelerating rehabilitation following injury or illness.

The medical profession has been slow to incorporate this important aspect of health and recovery to the everyday practice of medicine. As a physician, even if you understand the importance of nutrition in recovery you probably don’t really know how to do it. Forté Elements solves that problem.

Forté Elements, as a company, produces Mediceutical products. Mediceuticals are nutritional products designed to address specific medical conditions. The product designs are based on established scientific outcome data rather than wishful thinking. Each product is produced consistent with FDA manufacturing and dosage standards and are certified to contain what is actually listed on the label.

Examples of conditions known to be very responsive to Forté Mediceutical products include fracture healing, recovery from surgery, pre-natal and postpartum recovery, brain and nerve function, and bone support.