Welcome to my website! I have created this source of information to help better inform my patients of what I do and how I do it. If you are unfortunate enough to need some of my services, this site should help you better understand the “why” and the “how” of the things I do.

Though trained as a general orthopedic surgeon, I have limited the majority of my practice to treating conditions of the knee and shoulder. As the team Orthopedic Surgeon to Brigham Young University, I am accustomed to treating very high demand athletes. Not every patient is a potential NFL or NBA professional but I believe we all deserve to be treated with the same expertise and technology that would be available to the world’s greatest athletes.

With that in mind I have limited the focus of my practice and try very hard to provide state of the art skills and techniques to all of my patients whether they play college football, church sports, family games or just take walks for exercise. 25 years of practice experience gives me insight and extensive experience with Anatomic ACL reconstruction, Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery, and Total and Partial Knee Replacement/Implants.