Patient Care Philosophy

My attitude and commitment towards patient care:
My understanding of the relationship between a physician and patient is that we work together to accomplish a desired goal. My principle roll is to provide the patient with accurate information about their condition or diagnosis. That usually includes defining options of treatment that are available in managing a particular condition. As a surgeon, my skills include a variety of very specific surgical procedures which may be of benefit in certain situations. I wish that I could only do surgery where everyone did as well as they desired. Unfortunately there is a degree of uncertainty in everything. I give my best effort in applying my skills, my experience, advancing and ever changing technologies and my judgment to each circumstance or situation. Most of the time both the patient and I are happy at the end of the day but there are few if any guarantees in this business we call the practice of medicine.

My attitude towards new technologies:
Orthopedic Surgery and medicine in general, is constantly changing. My 44 years of experience practicing Orthopedic surgery has been and is an ongoing educational experience. In an attempt to provide the best possible care and stay on the leading edge of new technologies, I have had to limit the scope of what I do. For this reason I try to limit the scope of my practice to a few relatively small areas. I, for the most part, limit my elective practice to conditions of the knee and shoulder. I still, when necessary, take care of other general orthopedic conditions. My experience includes just about all aspects of orthopedic medicine and surgery. Technical advances in medicine are not always better. I use my best judgment to evaluate and apply state of the art advances, procedures and equipment. I have expended a great deal of time and energy to evaluate and be come skilled in Minimal Incision Surgery, Computer assisted Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery as applied to the knee and shoulder. Not all approaches, techniques or procedures are best for everyone. Some techniques enable a more rapid recovery. Some approaches allow recovery with less pain. Unfortunately not all methods are best for everyone. I use my best judgment in determining what I think is best in each situation. My hope is that, as a result of my best efforts, I can be right most of the time.